Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall


Deposit: £50

  • Experience Free Fall

  • Jump With Two BPA Instructors

  • Only 6 Hours of Ground Training

  • 5 Minute Canopy Ride

  • Pay a £50 deposit now


AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is a skydiving course for those who are really serious about becoming a skydiver. It is the fast-track route to becoming a British Parachute Association qualified solo skydiver as well as an F.A.I. A licensed worldwide recognised parachutist.

The Course

This is our most intensive course, so you will be in a group of no more than four students, ensuring individual attention. Our highly qualified AFF Instructors will guide you through a minimum of six hours ground training, covering all you need to know in order to successfully complete your skydive.

The Skydive

When your instructors are happy with your performance on the ground, you will make your Level 1 skydive with two AFF Instructors holding on to you. They continue to teach you during free fall using a system of hand signals. You will wear a radio so that we can talk to you after your parachute is open. After every AFF parachute jump, a comprehensive debrief takes place with your instructors, followed by additional training both to improve skills learned already and add those required for your next jump.


You must in in good health and have a reasonable level of fitness to complete AFF Level 1, although you don't need to be super fit or tough!


You must be at least 16 years of age and if you are under 18 a Parent or Guardian Consent Form is required (please request this here). The upper age limit for this type of skydive is 55 years of age. All parachutists will be required to sign a BPA Medical Certificate as a declaration of fitness. The medical declaration form can be signed by yourself unless you have one of the conditions listed, if yes please take the medical advice form and have this signed by a doctor. This will be forwarded to you if you make a booking.


The upper weight limit is 15 stone (95 kg) for males and 13 stone (83 kg) for females. Please contact us with details of your height if you are near this limit.