Static Line Voucher

Static Line Voucher


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  • Jump By Yourself

  • Only 6 Hours of Training

  • 3 Minute Canopy Ride

  • Start of Your Skydiving Career

  • Further Jumps Only £40 each

1 x Static Line   +£175.00

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Price as configured: £0.00

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RAPS static line parachuting is the tried and tested method to become a skydiver with a worldwide recognised license. Starting at 3,200 feet you will be asked to leave the aircraft with the parachute being opened for you.

What's Next

You can then carry on paying as you go, jump by jump moving on to free fall, turns, dive exits and back loops to earn your wings. Learn to pack the parachute you will use, how to jump with other people in free fall and many many other new skills


You must be in good health and have a reasonable level of fitness to complete a Static Line Course although you don't need to be super fit or tough!


You must be at least 16 years of age and if you are under 18 a Parent or Guardian Consent Form is required (please request this here). The upper age limit for this type of skydive is 54 years of age. All parachutists will be required to sign a BPA Medical Certificate as a declaration of fitness. The medical declaration form can be signed by yourself unless you have one of the conditions listed, if yes please take the medical advice form and have this signed by a doctor. This will be forwarded to you if you make a booking.


The upper weight limit is 15 stone (95 kg) for males and 13 stone (83 kg) for females. Please contact us with details of your height if you are near this limit.